Ground Zero GZCS 100.2BMW

EAN: 4037072024739

2-way loudspeaker set
BMW Z4, 1-8 series, X -series, iX

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Teknisk information
Completely Plug & Play upgrade to your BMW sound system! All you need are tools to dismantle the door card, all connectors and needed accessories are included in this package. High quality midrange speakers are made in Germany. Crossover includes possibility to adjust tweeter level.

o BMW-specific 2-way loudspeaker system
o Klippel®optimized midwooferwith neodymium motor
and glass fiber cone
o GZ design aluminum cast basket
o 25 mm / 1” silk dome tweeter with rear ventilation o 12/6 dB/oct crossover with level adjustment
o Plug & Play connectors for BMW
o GZ design aluminum mounting frame for BMW
Nominal diameter ( woofer ): 100mm / 4″ midrange
Nominal diameter ( tweeter ): 25mm / 1″ Tweeter
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Frequency response: 70 Hz - 24 kHz
Cross frequency: 5000 Hz
Power handling (RMS): 70 Watts
Power handling (max): 110 Watts
Efficiency (SPL): 87 dB
Resonance frequency: 77 Hz (midwoofer)
Xmax (p2p): 7 mm

Compatible with:


E89 roadster front
G29 roadster front

E81 3-door hatchback front
E82 coupe front
E87 5-door hatchback front
E88 cabriolet front
F20 5-door hatchback front
F21 3-door hatchback front
F40 5-door hatchback front / rear
F52 4-door sedan front / rear

F22 coupe front
F23 cabriolet front
F44 gran coupe front / rear
F45 active tourer front / rear
F46 gran tourer front / rear
F87 M2 coupe front
G42 coupe front
U06 active tourer front / rear

E90 sedan front
E91 touring front / rear
E92 coupe front
E93 cabriolet front
F30 sedan front / rear
F31 touring front / rear
F34 gran turismo front / rear
F35 sedan long version front / rear
F80 M3 sedan front / rear
G20 sedan front / rear
G21 touring front / rear
G28 sedan front / rear
G80 M3 sedan front / rear

F32 coupe front
F33 cabriolet front / rear
F36 cran coupe front / rear
F82 M4 coupe front
F83 M4 cabriolet front
G22 coupe front
G23 cabriolet front

E60 sedan front / rear
E61 touring front / rear
F07 gran turismo front / rear
F10 sedan ( F18 ) front / rear
F11 touring front / rear
G30 sedan ( G38 ) front / rear
G31 touring front / rear

E63 coupe front
E64 cabriolet front
F06 gran coupe front / rear
F12 coupe front
F13 cabriolet front
G32 gran turismo front / rear

E65 sedan front / rear
E66 sedan long version front / rear
F01 sedan front / rear
F02 sedan long version front / rear
G11 sedan front / rear
G12 sedan long version front / rear

G14 cabriolet front
G15 coupe front
G16 gran coupe front / rear
I12 i8 roadster front

E87 SUV front
F48 SUV front / rear
F49 SUV long version front / rear
U11 SUW & iX1SUV front / rear

F39 SUV front / rear

E83 SUV front / rear
F25 SUV front / rear
G01 SUV front / rear
F97 X3 M SUV front / rear
G08iX3 SUV front / rear

F26 front / rear
G02 front / rear

E70 SUV front / rear
G05 SUV front / rear

E71 SUV ( E72 ) front / rear
G06 SUV front / rear

G07 SUV front / rear

I20 iX SUV front / rear

R60 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
R61 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
F54 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
F55 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
F56 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
F57 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear
F60 with Harman/Kardon Sound System front / rear