Service & Garanti-information:


Please read these before doing anything else:

1. New products are extremely rarely faulty when they come from the factory. In most problem situations, the cause can be found in connections, incompatible devices, or some other issue rather than a defect in the new product. If the fault is not in the device you send for repair, you will often be charged both shipping costs in both directions and an inspection fee for the service. Therefore, it is highly advisable to carefully investigate the situation before immediately sending the device for repair.

2. ALWAYS contact your retailer first and explain your issue before sending the product for repair. It is both your and our interest to eliminate any other potential problems before servicing. For warranty matters, you can also reach out to us through the service form.

3. Warranty service requires you to present a proof of purchase for the product. Essentially, either a receipt or a shipping document that indicates the purchase date and place. If you have misplaced your receipt and the product was acquired from us, please get in touch with us. Orders from our online store are stored in our database, so the receipt can be retrieved.

Amplifier Servicing:

For Ai-Sonic, Ampire, Brax, DD Audio, FOUR, Ground Zero, Helix, Match, Rainbow, and SounDigital amplifiers, you can also send them for servicing yourself. First, contact Vaasan Audiohuolto Oy: Phone number: +358 44 996 8232, email:

You can submit a complaint notification for a faulty product to us here