DÄMPMATERIAL Dämpmattor FOUR BlueLabel Bulk

FOUR BlueLabel Bulk

EAN: 6430042129041

Aluminum / butyl damping mat
Thickness: 2,3mm
Package size: 3,37m2
Package contains: 9 sheets
Sheet size: 50 cm x 75 cm

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Teknisk information
Step into a world of silence with the new aluminium/butyl damping mat.

With FOUR-BlueLabel, you get high attenuation of noise and resonances.

FOUR-BlueLabel is a 2.3mm thick butyl rubber damping mat with a really strong adhesive surface and a water and oil resistant aluminium coating.

- High damping performance for noise and resonances.
- Water and oil repellent
- On installation not necessary to use pre heating
- Many different installation possibilities car, home appliances, air conditioning / sewer pipes

- Sheets in package: 9 (3,37m2)
- Dimensions of one sheet: 50 cm x 75 cm
- Thickness: 2.3mm
50 cm x 75 cm