OUTLET Ground Zero GZTB 120F

Ground Zero GZTB 120F

EAN: 4037072019988

12″ subwoofer in a shallow enclosure

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Teknisk information
Ground Zero loaded enclosure with a 12″ driver is built to fit tight spaces. Depth is only 11.0/19.5cm. Goes behind sets to many vans and trucks. Very handy solution to mini-vans in to the side of the boot. Does not take much space in trunk even installed behind rear seats. Tight and accurate sound from a sealed enclosure plays also the lower notes. Both 2 ohm voice coils have own terminals outside the box, so it is easy to connect 1 or 4 ohm load depending what kind of amplifier you have.
- 12″ subwoofer in a sealed enclosure
- very shallow depth!
- measurements W x H x D: 72.5 x 38.5 x 11.0 / 19.5 cm
- power handling 350 W RMS
- enclosure net volume 29.5 liters