DD Audio VO-W8b HARD


DD Audio 8″ PA midbass

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Teknisk information
The VO-W woofers are PA style, high output woofers designed for enthusiasts who want sound quality and high output. The VO-W woofers feature performance refinements like large diameter voice coils, high-energy motors, cast frames, and the unique ability to thread on our VO-CT compression tweeters for coaxial applications. The VO-W Woofers will transform an ordinary system into a concert level crowd pleaser.
PA Style 8″ Woofer, revised for Aluminum Horn mounting, w/Hard Dust Cap glued, small soft cap in the box

Driver Size - in 8
Power Band - Watts 150-450
VCD - in 2.5
Impedance S4
Frequency Response - Hz 75Hz-7,000Hz
Fs - Hz 75
Qms 5.398
Qes 0.335
Qts 0.316
Vas - liters 18.783
dBSPL 96
Cutout Diameter - in 7.25
Mounting Depth - in 3.75